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Erika Magyarosi

Christophstr. 18

72072 Tübingen

47 fun facts about me

1. My name is Magyarosi, which means "Hungarian," although I was born in Romania. Makes historical sense.

2. I was born in Transylvania and have a canine tooth like the vampires. However, I don't tolerate the sight of blood well.

3. I am half Hungarian, half Romanian and my great-grandfather was Turkish.

4. I speak Hungarian, Romanian and a few other languages. I am particularly proud of my German.

5. My parents got married in secret. They were not allowed to at first because they were not of the same nationality. In a way, I am repeating history.

6. When I lived in Romania, we celebrated Easter twice a year: Orthodox and Catholic Easter.

7. I have a sister who is 10 years younger than me and sometimes I feel like her mother. We both worked through this in family therapy. 

8. My Hungarian roots are very noble and can be traced back to the 15th century. However, you can always address me informally.

9. My grandfather was the smartest man in the village, my other grandfather once had 300 sheep.

10. As a child, I fell in love with Elvis Presley. Really. Is he still alive?

11. After 28 years of being a coffee junkie, I gave up drinking coffee. HOW? After fasting for 7 days. Since then, I'm not so stressed out in hotels where the coffee isn't good enough.

12. At the last minute I decided against studying medicine and instead chose philosophy. My father said I could become a taxi driver afterward. He didn't know that I was such a bad driver that I shouldn't drive at all. And I don't. Not yet.

13. I have developed a seminar: The myth of the taxi driver. Career development for humanities scholars

14. I've always worked, at 15 I was a camerawoman and filmed weddings with my father.

15. Both of my parents worked as self-employed people in addition to their jobs. I got the self-employment bug from them.

16. In addition to my self-employment, I also manage a Summer Academy and a Online Academy. Now with around 800 participants.

17. In my life I have (so far) only failed 2 exams: my driving license (failed 4 times, the 3rd time I almost had an accident) and empirical social research.

18. Later I studied philosophy in Cluj and sociology in Tübingen at the same time. I don't know if that was legal.

19. I had severe stage fright and was almost expelled because I didn't give my presentations. Today I'm a keynote speaker. Crazy.

20. Before my burnout, I had four part-time jobs and thought “I can do it all.” I was so wrong.

21. I have read Kant's Critique of Pure Reason four times and spent many years trying to understand this giant. The result is mediocre. The only mediocrity I am very proud of.

22. I play badminton pretty well. Well, very well. When I was at university I challenged a very sporty fellow student to play badminton against me, we both bet on her to win, she lost. I'm going to marry her this year.

23. I had very high expectations of the Germans when I arrived in Germany: punctuality and structure. I now know that the Germans need me for this: I give time, project and knowledge management seminars.

24. I am very good at assessing people and reading body language. I also teach that.

25. I have a blind, very old cat (Mika), who also has mild dementia. She loves to inform us all at 3 a.m. that she is awake. She then gives lectures full of pathos.

26. The featured photo is one of my absolute favorite photos of me. Here I am in a library at Salem College in Überlingen, and the photographer is Jakub Bak, a scholarship holder from Talent im Land, who I have tried to adopt several times.

27. I have been collecting words since I was 14. One of my favorite words and word of this year: Hoch-Zeit.

28. I have a motto for every year: last year “balance”, this year “pull through”.

29. My favorite food is Käsespätzle, unfortunately I can't order them anywhere anymore because I'm always disappointed. None of them taste like the ones at Lamm, Herrenberg.

30. The first cassette I bought was of Roxette, my second of Chopin.

31. For years I said "ice cream dealer" instead of "ice cream parlor" and "deep culture" instead of "deep freezer". People always knew what I meant.

32. The most embarrassing slip of the tongue in a customer conversation: “stiff” instead of “steep”. Oops.

33. I give memory training seminars, but I never remember street names.

34. I love white chocolate, but I always feel so guilty about eating it. I only do it maybe once every 2-3 years. I just realized that, I'll treat myself to it tomorrow... maybe!

35. Not Fun Fact: As a young woman from Romania, I have experienced a lot of discrimination. The worst: a policeman who visited me on official business to talk about his "problems" with his wife, and the head of the immigration office who told me that he "knows us Romanians, we come here to get married". BUT now I teach intercultural communication at THIS city administration!

36. The tuition fees introduced in my year forced me to give up smoking.

37. I always read several books at the same time. I watch several series at the same time.

38. I am so incredibly untalented when it comes to DIY that Ikea is out of the question for me.

39. I have already run two half marathons. In the first one, an 80-year-old show-off overtook me, and my second one was worse than the first. No comment.

40. I grew up in a communist society and I realize that freedom, especially freedom of speech, is very important to me. I have a big problem with the "language police" - what can I say, what can't I say, but I'm usually polite :).

41. Self-optimization is really an addiction for me, I have an Apple Watch and an Oura Ring, I take a lot of vitamins and like to watch a lot of documentaries about healthy eating.

42. One of my students said that not knowing Pumuckel was an educational gap. Now I know Pumuckel very well and am a big fan.

43. I spend a ridiculous amount of money on my education. I am constantly taking courses and enjoy learning new things.

44. I love crazy challenges – do we want to get up together every day at 5am? Who's in?

45. I come from a working-class family, but many of my childhood friends were teachers and professors. They were my mentors. Today I am a mentor and fight for equal educational opportunities.

46. I eat mostly vegan, but I can't say no to cabbage rolls from Romania. I stand by that.

47. Even though I give conflict management seminars, I can argue very well with my sister and, as a memory trainer, I can forget everything after an hour.

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