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Erika Magyarosi

Christophstr. 18

72072 Tübingen


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Erika Magyarosi - moderator, motivator, idea generator, bundle of energy

Erika Magyarosi - moderator, motivator, idea generator, bundle of energy. She imparts and designs education in a variety of forms - all firmly anchored in a comprehensive knowledge base - with passion, pedagogical artistry and humour. I have known Erika Magyarosi for almost 8 years and can only recommend working with her. Her dynamism, enthusiasm, intelligence, creativity and openness won me over right from the start. She handled all the tasks - the organisation of a summer academy was the first - excellently and since then it has been impossible to imagine the associated programme (Talent im Land) without her. At the Baden-Württemberg Foundation, we have given her more and more assignments over the years and are happy to recommend her to others. In the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM programme, she most recently developed the idea of an online academy and made it a success after a short time. I have always been fascinated and inspired by her energy, her creativity and her vast knowledge. Erika is likeable, very well educated, yet unpretentious and always refreshing. Translated with (free version)

Dr. Andreas Weber

Former Head of the Education Department at the Baden-Württemberg Foundation, now retired

The spark jumps into every event, whether on site or online

For many years, Bosch Youth Welfare has been organizing workshops and seminars for students as part of its student support for Bosch employee children, which Erika Magyarosi leads as a trainer. Your empathy towards children and young people is overwhelming. The spark jumps into every event, whether on site or online. Erika never runs out of ideas for new topics and so the participants can build on what they have learned or deal with something new. As they say goodbye, they are already looking forward to the next appointment. Examples of our current events: “Focus - the power of concentration”, “Giving amazingly good presentations”, “Power! The new time management is energy management”, “Find your dream job”, “Mnemonics and memory strategies”

Marion Oertel-Nau

Head of Bosch Youth Services

Trainer with heart and unique emotional intelligence, knowledge of human nature, a clear eye for the essentials and a great love for her profession and for people

As head of the "Talent im Land - Bayern" (TiL) student scholarship programme, I am lucky enough to regularly see Erika as a speaker and trainer for the young scholarship holders. Whether in workshops and seminars on rhetoric, time management, learning strategies or at the annual summer academy, which she leads - Erika always manages to reach the young people as a group in a unique way and convey important content without losing sight of the individuals and their respective needs. She makes the best possible use of the seminar time every time, giving customised and specific tips that are sometimes life-changing for my scholarship holders. What she achieves with apparent ease is the result of hard work and many years of experience, coupled with profound knowledge of human nature - and a great deal of love for her job / dedication to her job. THANK YOU - also on behalf of all TiLers! Translated with (free version)

Nora Youssef

Head of the school scholarship programme "Talent im Land - Bayern " (TiL)


I contacted Erika as part of a mentoring program at my university because I already knew her from beautifully prepared workshops on time management and body language and was very inspired by her style and work. She accompanied me as a coach and mentor in my career planning. She not only inspired me, motivated me and gave me great tools, but also helped me to better understand my values and needs. I have made a big step forward in my career planning and job search and can recommend Erika as a coach and mentor without reservation. Big thank you to you, Erika!

Zoé Bürger

PhD candidate AG Women's Mental Health & Brain Function

I would like to say THANK YOU for that.

I am super grateful to you for doing this coaching with me. You not only introduced me to the various work organization tools, but above all you showed me their added value. The implementation (tidy mailbox, sorting mail/work orders according to urgency, using the calendar as a to-do list) was a lot of work for a short time, but I quickly noticed how the structuring took the "pressure" out of my everyday work. I've had the basic idea of this in my head for a long time. However, the thought has always spread that the effort would not be worth it. You "proved" me wrong. I would like to say THANK YOU for that. Kind regards, Jana Katz Episcopal Ordinariate Stuttgart, Rottenburg| Human resources management

Jana Katz

Human resources management

Exceeded my expectations

The time management seminar far exceeded my expectations and helped me a lot personally. Now I hope that I can implement at least some of the mentioned tips and techniques ! You are a very motivating and inspiring person for me! My interest has definitely been piqued and I will definitely attend more of yours after this seminar.

Maria W.

Master's student, University of Hohenheim

Soft skills and coaching in career planning

Erika's experience, knowledge of human nature and attention to detail have been invaluable in helping me to develop a keen awareness of my public image, skills and ambitions. With the combination of seminars on soft skills and coaching in career planning, she taught me how to develop myself in a purposeful and self-reflective way without doubting my goals.

Nadja Mozdzen

IT project assistant and doctoral student at the University of Tübingen

In doing so, we managed to inspire everyone

Erika Magyarosi is a great lecturer, whether on the subject of time management, memory training or personal work and leadership techniques. She knows how to make every single seminar a personal experience! She has taught my team and me a lot over the past few years and has managed to inspire everyone. Thank you for that! We look forward to many more exciting training courses with her.

Angelika Garthe

Head of the city of Rottenburg

Ob Speadreading, Zeitmanagement, Selbstfindung oder das Setzen von Berufs- und Lebenszielen, Erika weiß, wovon Sie spricht.

Im Rahmen meines PhD an der Universität Tübingen habe ich bei einigen Seminaren teilgenommen, welche Erika Magyarosi geleitet hat. Erika hat eine warme und herzliche Art, die sehr einladend ist. Obwohl alle Seminare online waren, hat es Erika geschafft einen Safe Space zu schaffen, was einen sehr persönlichen und direkten Austausch zwischen den Teilnehmer:Innen ermöglicht hat. Mit der richtigen Mischung aus Seriosität und Lockerheit gelingt es Erika immer wieder, dass die Teilnehmer sich auf den Inhalt konzentrieren können und nicht abschweifen. Ob Speadreading, Zeitmanagement, Selbstfindung oder das Setzen von Berufs- und Lebenszielen, Erika weiß, wovon Sie spricht und kann mit Ihrer persönlichen Erfahrung mehr als nur die Theorie vermitteln.

Andreas Ziegler

Informatiker-Lehrstuhl Kognitive Systeme Universität Tübingen

Targeted advice

Shortly before becoming self-employed, I took a course with Ms. Magyarosi on the topic of managing employees. We have kept in touch since then. Ms. Magyarosi is always quickly available to me and my colleagues and gives us very goal-oriented advice. Your support is really great, thank you very much to you at this point.

Dr. med.dent. Katrin Uber-Christensen

Dentist and specialist in oral surgery (

We are impressed by her outstanding ability to present complex scientific content in an extremely appealing way.

As a seminar manager in human resources development, we are impressed by her outstanding ability to present complex scientific content in an extremely engaging way. Her workshops are characterised not only by her technical expertise, but also by her ability to create an inspiring learning environment. Erika Magyarosi has been instrumental in ensuring that our events reach a high standard and are rated very positively by participants. Her professional approach and commitment make her an outstanding speaker who I am happy to recommend for future events. Translated with (free version)

Ulrike Lossow

Personnel Development PEBA Personnel Development and Vocational Training KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Practical suggestions

Although I had previous knowledge of self- and time management, Erika's workshop offered completely new impulses for reflection and practical methods for everyday life, which helped me sustainably in dealing with parallel demands in my professional and private life. Erika combines practical and philosophical suggestions, devotes herself to individual problems with respect and great attention and manages to develop original solutions for every case with her ingenuity and wealth of experience. For me, the workshop was an experience that I would recommend to everyone.

Frauke Meyer-Wyk

PhD student, communication scientist

Excellent and surprisingly designed in the most positive sense

The event “Career Opportunities for Humanities Scientists” as part of the Graduate Academy (University of Tübingen) offers a diverse program for orientation on your own career path. In a safe and honest setting, your own strengths are explored, valuable tips and tricks for the job search are shown and a competently guided look beyond “classic research profiles”. Excellent and surprising in the most positive sense, the event helped me answer the most important questions for shaping my future and showed me new paths.

Dr. Valerie Elena Palmowski MA

Research assistant at the University of Bonn

Positive, open and proactive nature

I met Erika through a seminar and was immediately impressed by her positive, open and proactive nature, which led to several heureka moments for me. In the months that followed, Erika accompanied me from my studies to my first job and we even worked together now. Thank you for the motivating support and the great collaboration!

Dr. Alexander Lammers

My degree was on the brink

I met Erika Magyarosi as part of her stress management seminar at the university. At this point, my studies were in jeopardy because I was overwhelmed by all aspects of life. Erika is a mentor that I needed the most at this time! Her authenticity and her perspective turned my thinking on its head. Your methods still help me today. Thank you, Erika!

Theresa Linhard

District consultant for horticulture and land conservation

Really great seminar

The seminar “Communicating Professionally in Teams” with Erika Magyarosi, where I was able to join at short notice: a really great seminar, one of my best in my entire studies.


Master's student at the University of Tübingen

It was a very inspiring seminar.

I attended Erika's Speed Reading seminar during my PhD studies, and I was very enthusiastic! It was a very inspiring seminar, from which I came away not only with techniques for faster and more efficient reading, but also with more general knowledge management ideas. The small practical exercises in the course made it really easy to see how quickly you make personal progress, which was very motivating. I also found the topics we used as examples to practise techniques very exciting, as the participants were a nice mix of different specialist areas. And of course Erika's warm and humorous manner also helped to make the seminar very entertaining and memorable! Translated with (free version)

Sofia Wöhrstein

PhD student in the Department of Neuropsychology

She picks you up where you are at the moment and knows where the problems lie, often even before you tell her!

Erika has an amazing knowledge of human nature and an incredibly good feel for people and their needs. She picks you up where you are at the moment and knows where the problems lie, often before you even tell her! In her seminars, she builds up a personal relationship with each individual and gives tips with her friendly, natural and motivating ease, which you are very happy to accept because they help you to make huge progress in your personal development and fulfilment. Her positive charisma and her ability to ask exactly the right questions are simply amazing. Even many weeks after the seminar, I still get answers to my questions from her by e-mail - simply great and highly recommended to everyone! Translated with (free version)

Simone Hönisch

Urban planner at the town planning office

Motivating and engaging

I found Erika's workshops very inspiring. Her inspiring and engaging manner captivated me from the very beginning. I was lucky enough to attend three of her workshops and can highly recommend each one. Thank you Erika for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm about communication, applications and speed reading with me.

Sandra Moser

PhD student in Bioorganic Chemistry at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg

OTA School, University Hospital Tübingen

I would like to thank you for your work! You do a great job and everyone was really enthusiastic and fully involved right up to the last lesson. I hope you'll forgive us for using some of the lessons as a place of sorrow, so that we could gather new strength for more difficult lessons. I often heard in our course: "Thank God we have Erika again tomorrow!" Please keep up this commitment, loyalty and enthusiasm. I have rarely had lecturers like her who have also helped me personally. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart! 4 years later I have now completed my dual study programme as a Physician Assistant and am employed at Stuttgart Hospital. After six years of training, I realise again and again how much you supported our course. Such courses would be essential, especially during my studies, so I really appreciate the fact that I was able to gain an insight into your master discipline. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart, Vanessa Translated with (free version)

Vanessa Stooß


An inspiring seminar by an inspiring coach, in which each participant is individually supported in their personal process.

Erika is an empathetic coach with a good eye for her participants. As part of a mentoring programme at the University of Freiburg, I met Erika at the seminar 'May I introduce myself? Self-presentation and self-marketing for young scientists'. The seminar was very action-orientated throughout, starting with an assessment of our public image and ending with the development of a specific elevator pitch. Erika has the ability to structure by asking specific questions, to work out key aspects and to formulate them precisely. She really helped me to gain clarity about my self-presentation. An inspiring seminar from an inspiring coach, in which each participant is individually supported in their personal process. Really great! Translated with (free version)

Eva Kohnert

Doktorandin am Universitätsklinikum Freiburg (RNAseq und Mikrobiome)

Extremely inspiring and practical

I had the opportunity to attend Erika's "Scientific Presentation" seminar and cannot describe how stimulating this seminar was! Erika combined the philosophy of rhetoric with super-practical advice to improve our presentation skills. She was the first person who provided me with personalized and helpful advice on aspects that I have been struggling with for a long time. Erika is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met and I would recommend her seminars without a doubt!

Roxana Zeraati

PhD Student, IMPRS MMFD, University of Tübingen, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
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