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First generation at university

Lost at university? Not anymore! 🎓 KonStart: Your recipe for academic success at the University of Konstanz!"

Erika Magyarosi KonStart

KonStart: the best start

Today we would like to tell you about an extraordinary project called "KonStart". It is a recipe for academic success at universities and colleges that took place between October 2nd and 6th. In short: it's great!


Behind the scenes at KonStart

This project was initiated by Berit Betheke, the head of the Central Student Advisory Service at the University of Konstanz. And I, with seven years of passion for this initiative under my belt, can assure you: Our goal was clearly defined - to give first-generation students the key to success at universities and colleges.

Why “KonStart”? Because starting university is often a jungle of uncertainty, but we were here to pave the way and make the start easier.


Our goals in focus:

    • Equal opportunities: Everyone should have the same chance of success, regardless of their background. KonStart started here and paved the way for everyone.
    • Community and support: A strong community and support are crucial for academic success. KonStart not only promoted knowledge, but also friendships.
    • Better preparation for college life: The transition to university and college can be overwhelming. KonStart offered practical skills and resources to ease the transition.


How did we achieve our goals? A week full of workshops and great activities:

    • Time management: tips and techniques to organize your everyday study life efficiently.
    • Stress management: Strategies to manage stress and maintain mental health.
    • Knowledge management: How do you keep track of the teaching material and optimize learning?
    • Learning techniques: Effective methods to internalize knowledge and succeed in exams.
    • Study organisation: Practical tips on structuring your studies and successfully completing tasks.
    • Campus tour: A deeper insight into the campus to help you find your way around more quickly.
    • Library tour: Discover the library's treasures and how you can use them for your studies.
    • Exchange with senior students: Interaction with experienced fellow students who shared their experiences, tips and tricks.

In addition to the support of Berit Bethke and myself, KonStart also received active support from Nadine Meidert. We also had special guests such as the “Arbeiterkind Verein”, who provided valuable insights and inspiration for our first-semester students.


Why does every university and college need KonStart?

The importance of programs like KonStart cannot be overstated. They are not only a way to promote equal opportunities, but also an investment in the future of our society. Every university and college should introduce similar initiatives to ensure that all students receive the support and tools they need to be successful at studying.

Education turns dreams into reality. We are excited about the unique success stories! 🌟

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