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Erika Magyarosi

Christophstr. 18

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The spark jumps into every event, whether on site or online

For many years, Bosch Youth Welfare has been organizing workshops and seminars for students as part of its student support for Bosch employee children, which Erika Magyarosi leads as a trainer. Your empathy towards children and young people is overwhelming. The spark jumps into every event, whether on site or online. Erika never runs out of ideas for new topics and so the participants can build on what they have learned or deal with something new. As they say goodbye, they are already looking forward to the next appointment. Examples of our current events: “Focus - the power of concentration”, “Giving amazingly good presentations”, “Power! The new time management is energy management”, “Find your dream job”, “Mnemonics and memory strategies”

Marion Oertel-Nau

Head of Bosch Youth Services

Excellent and surprisingly designed in the most positive sense

The event “Career Opportunities for Humanities Scientists” as part of the Graduate Academy (University of Tübingen) offers a diverse program for orientation on your own career path. In a safe and honest setting, your own strengths are explored, valuable tips and tricks for the job search are shown and a competently guided look beyond “classic research profiles”. Excellent and surprising in the most positive sense, the event helped me answer the most important questions for shaping my future and showed me new paths.

Dr. Valerie Elena Palmowski MA

Research assistant at the University of Bonn

I would like to say THANK YOU for that.

I am super grateful to you for doing this coaching with me. You not only introduced me to the various work organization tools, but above all you showed me their added value. The implementation (tidy mailbox, sorting mail/work orders according to urgency, using the calendar as a to-do list) was a lot of work for a short time, but I quickly noticed how the structuring took the "pressure" out of my everyday work. I've had the basic idea of this in my head for a long time. However, the thought has always spread that the effort would not be worth it. You "proved" me wrong. I would like to say THANK YOU for that. Kind regards, Jana Katz Episcopal Ordinariate Stuttgart, Rottenburg| Human resources management

Jana Katz

Human resources management
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