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Presenter for Talent in the Country: 20th anniversary

TiL in conversation: Equal opportunities for all?

I had the privilege of moderating the opening event of the roundtable discussion for the 20th anniversary of Talent im Land. On May 10, around 35 attentive listeners gathered to take part in a fascinating discussion about educational equity. Our high-profile guests were Dr. Ulrike Leikhof and Prof. Gabriele Weigand, who spoke from their individual perspectives about the connection between social background, immigration history and the development of talent.

Dr. Ulrike Leikhof is the head of Education & Talent, the talent promotion center of the federal and state governments. She is committed to supporting young people regardless of their background and offering them the best possible support in developing their potential. Prof. Gabriele Weigand is a professor at the renowned Karlsruhe University of Education and coordinator of the “Performance Makes School” initiative, which promotes the promotion of high-performing students at the federal level.

We discussed the close connection between social background and talent development, which has been proven in numerous studies. Our guests explained this from different perspectives, pointing to factors such as a lack of knowledge about the education system, lower self-confidence and lower expectations from school staff.

Ulrike Leikhof and Gabriele Weigand stressed the need for a fundamental change in attitudes towards students. They demanded that everyone should be considered and supported individually, regardless of their social "category". Although this cannot yet be fully implemented, they are already committed to their work to supporting students regardless of their background.

At the end of the event, there were inspiring contributions and questions from the audience. We all agreed that scholarship programs like Talent in the Country provide important support. We also emphasized the importance of critical reflection on prejudices and personal viewpoints as crucial steps on the path to educational equity.

If you missed the panel or would like to watch it again, you can do so here.

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